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VoIP Virtual Numbers from Poland

The International
Communication Solution

International Virtual Numbers
Over 65 Countries Available

Free Unlimited Incoming SIP Calls
No Setup Fees - Cancel Anytime

Ideal for SIP & VoIP Telephones
Use with Asterisk & FreePBX

Call & Forward Calls Worldwide
Low Cost International Rates


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USE with endpoint VoIP equipment or PBX
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70 Gbit connectivity to EU and US carriers
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Virtual Numbers from Torun Poland

Let your Phone Ring Anywhere in the World!

Virtual Number Torun Poland
€2.95 per month

No set-up charges - Unlimited incoming calls - Free SIP Account

Take advantage of what VoIP telephony has to offer. Your no longer need a physical presence in the area code or even the country for which you require a local number. You may be in Boston, but your friends in Poland dial a local number from Torun to reach you!

Receive calls on your landline, mobile phone, or sip device - and your callers only get charged local rates.

With a local Torun number on your phone or mobile your callers in Poland pay Local or National Call Rates when they call you. You save on international & forwarded calls with our very low call rates & 30 second billing cycle.

Unlimited Incoming Calls, Low monthly costs, Instant Number activation, Buy Account Credit online. Our user friendly systems make managing your account easy. Our customer support is first class

T38 is supported. Channels : 10

My Divert

Available Area Codes for Poland DID Numbers

(+48) 62Kalisz€2.95/month
(+48) 48Radom€2.95/month
(+48) 55Elblag€2.95/month
(+48) 58Gdansk€2.95/month
(+48) 61Poznan€2.95/month
(+48) 87Suwalki€2.95/month
(+48) 67Pila€2.95/month
(+48) 74Walbrzych€2.95/month
(+48) 77Opole€2.95/month
(+48) 83Biala Podlaska€2.95/month
(+48) 63Konin€2.95/month
(+48) 75Jelenia Gora€2.95/month
(+48) 46Skierniewice€2.95/month
(+48) 42Lodz€2.95/month
(+48) 34Czestochowa€2.95/month
(+48) 12Krakow€2.95/month
(+48) 25Siedlce€2.95/month
(+48) 23Ciechanow€2.95/month
(+48) 85Bialystok€2.95/month
(+48) 32Katowice€2.95/month
(+48) 14Tarnow€2.95/month
(+48) 43Sieradz€2.95/month
(+48) 17Rzeszow€2.95/month
(+48) 15Tarnobrzeg€2.95/month
(+48) 86Lomza€2.95/month
(+48) 95Gorzow Wielkopolski€2.95/month
(+48) 54Wloclawek€2.95/month
(+48) 56Torun€2.95/month
(+48) 94Koszalin€2.95/month
(+48) 91Szczecin€2.95/month
(+48) 65Leszno€2.95/month
(+48) 71Wroclaw€2.95/month
(+48) 76Legnica€2.95/month
(+48) 82Chelm€2.95/month
(+48) 84Zamosc€2.95/month
(+48) 89Olsztyn€2.95/month
(+48) 59Slupsk€2.95/month
(+48) 41Kielce€2.95/month
(+48) 44Piotrkow Trybunalski€2.95/month
(+48) 22Warsaw€2.95/month
(+48) 29Ostroleka€2.95/month
(+48) 24Plock€2.95/month
(+48) 18Nowy Sacz€2.95/month
(+48) 52Bydgoszcz€2.95/month
(+48) 33Bielsko Biala€2.95/month
(+48) 81Lublin€2.95/month
(+48) 68Zielona Gora€2.95/month
(+48) 16Przemysl€2.95/month
(+48) 13Krosno€2.95/month

Krosno Virtual Number for SIP Device or VoIP Provider

Krosno virtual numbers purchased at can also be used with your own sip provider. Simply update your phone number SIP settings from your MyDivert user account. All incoming calls will then ring to your chosen SIP without diversion.

You can buy your Krosno Virtual Number and have your calls forwarded to any other phone number, a sip account, or directed to another sip account, worldwide.

Purchased DID numbers can be peered directly from the exchange to your own pbx or asterisk server if you are using this type of equipment.

Manage Your Account Online

Your Call history and account credit balance can be viewed by logging into your account on the web. A listing of each call made through, including call duration, date, time of call, and cost is provided as well as phone number management tools.

Changing the 'ring to' of your Krosno virtual number

You can easily change the phone number that you want to ring when someone calls your number by logging in to your account. The changes takes place in 'real time' - simply log into your account.

International Call Forwarding for Business

Many of our customers use a virtual phone number as a great way to create a local presence even without a physical office in the country or city where the phone number is located.

For example, let's assume you want to advertise in Krosno but you do not have an office in Krosno nor a phone number. We can provide you with a local Krosno virtual number so that your customer or associates can dial a 'local' number and connect to your phone in any country through our call forwarding feature. We can provide local phone numbers for most major cities throughout Poland.

Communication Solution

When you need to forward your callers to any country you are visiting, a virtual phone number can be your solution.
  • Wide Geographical coverage for DID Numbers
  • Have calls forwarded to any country
  • Make 'ring to' number changes online 24/7
  • Forward calls to your cell or mobile phone
Virtual phone numbers are actually real phone numbers that will send callers to any other phone number worldwide. Your incoming calls can be forwarded instantly to a landline or mobile globally.


Virtual phone numbers are convenient for both you and your callers. Your virtual phone from Krosno number will be a local number, so no matter where you or your office is located, you can be accessible at local call rates.

When someone dials your virtual phone number, your ring-to number will ring. You can change your ring-to number at any time. Activating and using a virtual phone number requires no equipment or installation except a telephone to receive the calls.
Telephone DID Numbers   VoIP phone numbers
Local Telephone Numbers with Low Cost International Call Forwarding Local Telephone Numbers with Low Cost International Call Forwarding My Divert
Buy Virtual DID Phone Numbers for your own SIP Server or Provider
Virtual DID telephone numbers purchased at can also be used with your own SIP provider or PBX. Simply update your phone number SIP peering settings from your user account.
All incoming calls will then be peered to your chosen SIP directly from the exchange.

Phone numbers from 100's of cities worldwide with no incoming SIP call charges
Ideal for VoIP/SIP telephones and PBX use - No set-up charges - Unlimited incoming calls
Buy Virtual DID Phone Numbers for your own SIP Server or Provider   Ideal for VoIP/SIP telephones and PBX
Inward Dialing Telephone Numbers from Poland We Sell VoIP Numbers from Poland

Local Phone Numbers

Local Phone Numbers

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